Products & Services

Plasma Color specializes in manufacturing the following Masterbatches in Malaysia:
Color Master Batches (standard & customized color)
– Black & White Master Batches
– Additive Master Batches
– Filler Master Batches
– Special Effect Master Batches
– Color Master Batches

Our color master batches are used to produce color plastics in Malaysia. Besides providing a broad spectrum of standard color Masterbatches , we also have professional technicians to customize made-to-order color Masterbatches to meet our clients’ requirements. With a huge selection of colors, we are 100% confident in finding you the perfect match for any colors that you may ask for.

Black & White Master Batches
These are available in various formulations and grades to suit specific customer requirements and applications.

Additives Master Batches
These are used when our customers require enhancements to improve the quality, strength, look and feel of the end product. Some of our additives master batches available are: antioxidant, antistatic, optical brightener, processing aid and UV stabilizer.

Filler Master Batches
We use Calcium Carbonate and Talc master batches to provide effective cost saving and specific physical enhancement to our clients’ products.

Special Effect Master Batches
We provide a range of Fluorescent and Pearlacent Master batches to improve the appearance quality of certain packaging products.

Our team is competent and creative; we strive to provide the best products and services to fulfill our clients’ need to produce color plastics. As the leading master batches manufacturer in Malaysia, we pursue our objectives with intense dedication, focus and discipline.